Temperature Control for everything!

We love semiconductors!

What about their thermal coefficient? Most semiconductor components may show exponential response to temperature change, result in a large temperature drift. Although the air temperature in lab can be held at a nearly constant value, this may not be precision enough.

Traditional precision PID based temperature controllers are designed with a controller box and TEC chips and sensors. For every component you want to apply temperature control, you need a area reserved for that big controller.

That’s why I start this project – the Project TTC (Tiny Temperature Controller), aiming to design a switching noise free precision temperature controller, small enough to be placed near the TEC chips. The PCB designing stage is finished now, with a 43mm*23mm*4mm size. You can just weld the standard 40mm*40mm TEC beside it, making a 63mm*43mm rectangular tiny temperature controller.

the TTC itself



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