Stepper Motor Controller for Scanning Raman Spectrometer

We have a fairly old Raman spectrometer (from 1980s) in modern physics laboratory. The model is SPEX1403 with spectral resolution 0.15cm^-1. This is not a modern CCD spectrometer which just readout all the pixels to get the spectrum in a second. This spectrometer need to rely on a stepper motor moving gratings scanning across the desirable spectrum range.

IMG_4216 4
SPEX1403 Spectrometer


However, the controller of this spectrometer is too old and finally fails. Thanks to the carefully protection and maintenance of professors, the optical and mechanical parts of the spectrometer are still working smoothly. Instead of throwing it away, I decided to design a new generation of controller to give it a second life.

IMG_4222 3
Specontrol for SPEX1403/4

I choose STM32 as the microcontroller, using USB CDC (AKA: Virtual COM Port, VCP) as the communication interface. The system is really simple and mostly bases on a piece of cheap STM32F3-Discovery board.

I also rewrite the LabVIEW driver for this homemade controller.

IMG_4223 3
Experiment Setup

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